Cat skiing tours in Colorado provide you with the perfect way to elevate your time on the slopes. These tours are ideal for truly adventurous, expert-level skiers who want an exciting departure from the typical ski resort experience.


Is Cat Skiing Right for You?

Cat skiing tours are available throughout the mountains of Colorado in relatively remote locations. The tours take you to high-elevation areas that may receive more than several dozen inches of fresh snowfall during the ski season. Various terrains are available for you to enjoy, and these include areas featuring glades, trees, cliffs, cornices, and open bowls. Slopes maybe thousands of feet long and have serious vertical drops that will undoubtedly create a major adrenaline rush. You can see that cat skiing tours in Colorado are not for the faint of heart or for skiers who are not completely confident about their advanced skills.


What Is the Cat Skiing Experience Like?

When you book a cat-skiing tour, you will receive accommodations at a nearby lodge. Alternative lodges are available in some areas. The amenities at these lodges vary, but you can expect them to provide you with a comfortable overnight experience. On the morning of the tour, breakfast is provided at the lodge. The snowcat departs early to ensure that you enjoy a full day of skiing. Safety briefings may be provided at least once or twice throughout the day by the tour guides who are also trained EMTs. The typical day may include up to a dozen runs as well as a lunch break in the mountains in a heated yurt.


What Are Top Cat Skiing Locations in Colorado?

Cat skiing tours are available throughout Colorado in truly scenic areas. In western Colorado, tours depart from Leadville. Vail has a relatively central location in the state, and it is easy to reach via Interstate 70. Tours in northern Colorado depart from locations near Aspen and Steamboat Springs. In the eastern region of the state, Keystone and Breckenridge are popular cat skiing spots. Several beautiful locations are also available for you to explore in southern Colorado.

The best way to experience cat skiing in Colorado is via a guided tour. When you book your tour today, you can relax knowing that all of the bases are covered and that your need for safety and desire for thrills will be met.