Experienced skiers know there are spots in and immediately around the state of Montana that are practically made for skiing. This includes the BadShot Mountain Range in the Selkirks, which gets about 600 inches of snow a year. At Cat Skiing Tours, we love taking experienced skiers cat skiing in Montana and the surrounding area, which includes cat skiing in Washington. Just to the south of Montana, we also arrange tours to great spots in Wyoming that include cat skiing in Jackson Hole and cat skiing in Grand Targhee. To the north, you can enjoy the cat skiing tours Canada has available in the British Columbia area, which encompasses taking in the cat skiing Whistler has in store for skiers from around the world.

Cat Skiing in Montana

If you’ve gone cat skiing in Colorado East or cat skiing in Colorado North on one of our tours and are looking for a change of scenery, you should consider a Montana tour. When you go on one of our tours, we see to it that you are guided to the best slopes with the freshest powder for the ultimate cat skiing experience. After each run down steep chutes, powder-filled bowls or open mountain faces, tour participants are taken back up to the top of the slopes in about 15 to 20 minutes in one of our comfy snowcats. Our guides who take you cat skiing in Montana are as experienced in this specific terrain as our guides who might take you cat skiing in Oregon or those who show you the cat skiing Utah has. They are familiar with where avalanches are known to occur and make sure to avoid those areas.

Location, Location, Location!

This saying is known to be applicable to real estate wherein the location of a home has a lot to do with its value. It’s also applicable to our company and the variety of ideal tour locations we take you to for this awesome winter sport. Whether our experienced guides are showing you the best skiing terrain in Southern Colorado or showing you the wonders of Wyoming as you go cat skiing in Grand Targhee or cat skiing in Jackson Hole, you can be confident that they know the best spots for you to have the experience of a lifetime.

If you’ve seen what Montana or Wyoming has to offer, we can also take you cat skiing in Oregon, cat skiing in Washington or show you why cat skiing Utah destinations are such a draw. Also, don’t forget the state of Colorado! With towns like Vail and Aspen, this state is often the first one many people think of when the subject of skiing comes to mind. We have guides that know the slopes like the back of their hands when cat skiing in Colorado East and the same when taking you cat skiing in Colorado North or when you get the thrill of going over the best skiing terrain in Southern Colorado.

If the other side of the U.S. and Canadian border is more to your taste, our Cat Skiing Tours Canada locations include helping you get the most fun and excitement out of the cat skiing Whistler, British Columbia has on tap for visitors from around the world. Contact us to schedule your next tour for an adventurous experience you won’t soon forget.