The USA and Canada are home to some of the best cat skiing destinations in the world. If you like catsnow skiing, Cat Skiing Tours can plan a trip for you. We take care of the logistics and other factors, eliminating the hassle for you. We are your one-stop shop for accessing North America’s top cat skiing destinations, including catskiers destinations’ Colorado. Get in touch with us to plan cat skiing trips in BC.TRA

At we’ve researched 15 regional destinations, such as Grand Targhee, British Columbia, and Utah, and compiled all of necessary information for planning a trip – into this one website.
Our pages are filled with pertinent answers to questions such as the following:

    • “What ability do I need to have for this region?”
    • “What is the terrain like?”
    • “Where will I stay?”
    • “How do I get there?”
    • “How much will a day on the tour cost?”

Each destination page on gives a general overview of the area as well as easy to follow charts; highlighting the specifics for you, and making planning for your next backcountry adventure effortless.
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Grand Targhee Resort
3300 Ski Hill Rd
Alta, WY 83414