Our team at Cat Skiing Tours has the knowledge and experience to help you squeeze every ounce of fun and excitement out of this amazing recreational sport. We have scoured the U.S. and Canada and chosen only the best locations with the freshest powder for our tour destinations. These include cat skiing in Grand Targhee, cat skiing in Oregon, cat skiing in Washington and showing you the best cat skiing Utah has to offer. If you’ve already done one of our cat skiing in Colorado East tours and have seen the cat skiing Whistler has available, you might want to check out the cat skiing in Jackson Hole.

The Most Fun You Can Have in Wyoming

With about 500 inches of snow a year, you’ll never suffer from a lack of fresh powder when cat skiing in Jackson Hole. About 40 miles from the Grand Targhee Resort, this site in Jackson Hole is a tourist destination that is inside a national park. Tourists come from around the world to marvel at the majestic mountainous landscape of the Grand Teton National Park that you get to enjoy while skiing down pristine slopes that are undisturbed by other skiers.

You should know that the backcountry of this area is very wild, and skiing on your own can be very dangerous. You won’t know areas that are prone to avalanches or those that may have dangerous wildlife. At Cat Skiing Tours, we want you to have fun, and this is only ensured by booking a tour with our experienced company that will guide you through this adventure.

Helping You Have an Unforgettable Experience

This past winter season was amazing in Jackson Hole. Cat skiers came from around the country and the world and made new friends before they left. Our experienced tour guides shuttled them up to the tops of the best slopes, and the tour participants glided down glades and open bowls that are prominent features here.

Skiers typically arrive at this tour destination at Jackson Hole Airport, which is the busiest one in Wyoming. Your day of skiing starts at about 9:00 in the morning and goes through to 4:00 in the afternoon. You’ll get numerous runs down slopes of the freshest powder you’ll ever see during this day of unbridled fun. There’s a break for lunch, but otherwise, you’re too busy either sitting in one of our cozy, heated snowcats being effortlessly brought back to the top of the mountain or tearing down the slopes in an experience that makes regular ski resort runs look tame and boring in comparison.

Cat Skiing Tours Canada and U.S.

At Cat Skiing Tours, we only take you to premium destinations that are picked for unmatched terrain, accessibility and safety. Whether we take you cat skiing in Colorado East, cat skiing in Grand Targhee or show you the cat skiing tours Canada has to offer, we make sure you have fun above all else. For our Canadian ski tours, we show you the best cat skiing Whistler provides. We have experienced guides who know the terrain where they conduct tours and who are also trained EMTs in case of any emergency. Cat skiing has been excellent in Jackson Hole this season. Please call us if you want a tour there or if you want to try cat skiing in Oregon, cat skiing in Washington or trying out the cat skiing Utah has. Whatever location you choose, we’ll be sure to make it a pleasantly unforgettable experience for you and the new friends you’ll make on your tour.