Whether you’re cat skiing in Colorado east or cat skiing in Jackson Hole, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of skiing or snowboarding down a steep hill of fresh powder. At Catskiing Tours, we offer tours in 15 locations including cat skiing in Grand Targhee and cat skiing in Oregon. For some adventure outside the U.S., you can even check out the cat skiing tours Canada has to offer. We are intent upon you coming away from your skiing experience with only happy memories. With this goal in mind, we take steps to ensure you have a safe skiing experience.

Safety Comes First at Catskiing Tours

We start by ensuring that you are at the proper skill level to do this. By its nature, cat skiing is for more experienced skiers who are looking to expand the thrill of their experience. If you’re like many who have skied for years, you’ve been to plenty of resorts and gone down scores of trails. At some point, trodding over the same ground that hundreds or thousands of others have traversed before you lacks a sense of adventure, and cat skiing in Washington or at other locations enables you to take it to the next level.

Especially for first-timers, we tell you all the basics of cat skiing before taking you out on one of our tours. Our team will also answer any questions you may have about the particular regional destination where you are cat skiing. The cat skiing Utah offers will be different than the cat skiing Whistler provides. These differences include considerations such as what the terrain is like and the ability level you’ll need for a particular tour destination.

Well-Trained Staff

At Catskiing Tours, we send every tour party out with two experienced guides. In the event of any health emergencies on the trail, you’ll be glad to know these guides are certified EMTs. They’re also experts in snow safety. With 15 tour destinations offered by Catskiing Tours, we ensure your guides are familiar with the specific area where you are skiing with the unique cat skiing Whistler offers being just one example. The exciting cat skiing tours Canada provides will be different in terms of terrain and other aspects than cat skiing in Colorado east or cat skiing in Grand Targhee. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the training and competence of our people to assure your safety.

Premium Equipment

We use Bombardier snowcats to get you and the rest of your party back to the top of ski slopes after each run. They are ideally safe for transporting you through the deepest snow that you will find at all of our tour locations whether you’re cat skiing in Jackson Hole or cat skiing in Oregon. They are also heated for your comfort. At Catskiing Tours, we also have any other safety equipment available that we believe you may need.

Safety and Fun at Catskiing Tours

It’s important for you to know that, statistically, snowcat skiing is actually extremely safe. It’s safer, on average than sky diving, running a marathon or hang gliding. That being said, we still make the effort to address any potential problems before they arise. We want you to have a wonderful experience with Catskiing Tours, which is why we have trained and certified guides and top-quality equipment to keep you safe while enabling you to have the thrill of a lifetime. So, whether you’re cat skiing in Washington or checking out the cat skiing Utah has to offer, you’ll leave with only happy memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Tour Details
Runs per DayNo Limit
Apprx. Vertical Feet per RunNot Predetermined
Apprx. Vertical Feet per Day15,000 - 18,000
Rentals AvailableYes
Apprx. Cost per Day per Person$832 - $1,259
Apprx. Cost per Day per Cat $9,984 – 12 people
Apprx. Cost per Day per Cat $9,984 – 12 people


At CatSkiing Tours, we put your safety first. Cat skiing is a fun adventure, and we want to make sure you only leave your tour with happy memories. The following are a few questions you may have about your safety and what we do to protect you.

Will I Get Lost Heading to the Tour Destination?

We realize that our tour locations are off the beaten path and that this is what makes them so appealing to skiers who want to run down slopes of fresh powder. We are careful to give you detailed directions to our locations, so you won’t get lost in the wilderness.

Is Cat Skiing Dangerous?

There are those who believe cat skiing is dangerous, but statistically, it is quite safe. There’s actually extremely little chance of avalanches, for example, especially since our guides are knowledgeable about where we take our tour participants. Also, you are brought back up to the top of ski slopes in our heated, comfortable snowcats that have safety equipment on board.

How Do I Know If I Can Safely Traverse a Tour's Slopes?

It should be stated here and now that cat skiing is not for amateurs. These tours are an excellent way for experienced skiers to bring the excitement of this recreational sport up a notch. If you’re a beginner or intermediate-level skier, you should stick to those established trails of most ski resorts that reflect your skill level.

What If I Have a Medical Issue on a Tour?

We send out two guides with every cat skiing tour whether you’ve opted to go with a mixed group or have reserved a private snowcat. Beyond being knowledgeable about the particular tour area, they are trained EMTs, so they can handle any medical emergency that arises, and our snowcats have any medical supplies they will need.