Located about 75 miles west of Denver, Keystone, Colorado is a tiny resort town that offers some of the best skiing in the state. It has three peaks that offer a variety of ski terrain over an area of about 3,000 acres. Whether you like slopes that are cruisers or steep bumps or bowls, you’ll get all the variety you’ll need here.

At Cat Skiing Tours, Keystone is one of our signature destinations when taking guests cat skiing in Colorado East. Our tours are superior to any ski resort experience. We find the best spots in an area like Keystone where there’s fresh powder largely untouched by other skiers. On our tour, you’ll have the entire morning and afternoon to ski down slopes of your choice as far as the type of terrain. You get driven back up to the top of the slope after each run in one of our comfy snowcats. With over 230 inches of snowfall a year in this area, our tour participants have glided down plenty of fresh powder and have loved the experience.

Bringing You to the Best Destinations

Beyond cat skiing in Colorado East, our company offers a full range of destinations that skiers the world over flock to for their excellent snowfall and ski slope conditions and terrain. If you prefer Wyoming locales over Colorado, we can take you cat skiing in Grand Targhee or cat skiing in Jackson Hole. If the Pacific Northwest is more your thing, we’ll set up a tour for you to have fun cat skiing in Oregon or cat skiing in Washington. We round out our destinations by offering to show you the best cat skiing Utah possesses and can even cross the border to take you on Cat Skiing Tours Canada destinations by taking you on a tour of the fresh powder experience that cat skiing Whistler, British Columbia offers.

Why Us?

At Cat Skiing Tours, we take your safety seriously. Our guides know all the areas where they take you and your fellow skiers. They know and avoid avalanche areas and also know where the freshest powder and greatest variety of ski slopes are to maximize your enjoyment. They are also trained EMTs if anything happens. Our snowcats are comfortable and heated, so you’ll experience an enjoyable ride back up after each amazing run down your choice of glades, bowls, steep bumps or another preferred terrain.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

If you’ve ever gone cat skiing before, you’ve probably sworn off the regular ski resort experience. We take you to the best spots in the backcountry with tons of fresh powder where your skis and those of your fellow tour participants may be among the first to hit the snow. We regularly take intermediate and advanced skiers cat skiing in Jackson Hole and cat skiing in Grand Targhee as well as cat skiing in Washington state and cat skiing in Oregon. Each of these destinations has its own unique flair in terms of terrain and other attributes. The same could be said for the cat skiing Utah has waiting for you. If you really want to go for a trip, you can buy one of our Cat Skiing Tours Canada packages for a good time taking in the best cat skiing Whistler has on tap for you. Contact us today to schedule your tour!