Cat skiing brings the fun of this recreational sport to the next level. If you’re tired of skiing down slopes of compacted snow that have been gone over hundreds or thousands of times, you should contact Catskiing Tours. We set up tours for you and your friends to North America’s top cat skiing destinations in the U.S. as well as the cat skiing tours Canada has to offer. The experience of skiing or snowboarding down fresh powder is unforgettable, and it will give you memories that you’ll cherish.

Premium Equipment

At Catskiing Tours, we know the fun part is your downhill run, so we make getting back up to the top of the slopes as comfortable and effortless as possible. For this reason, we have invested in Bombardier Snowcats to get you quickly and safely back up to the top, so you can enjoy your next run. They are made to traverse the deep snow of our tour destinations with ease, which is why you’ll be able to average about 8 to 12 runs per day on a tour.

 The snowcats are heated to ensure you and your party will be transported in comfort. They can handle your tour whether you’re on a single-day or multi-day package. You can either go with a mix of people or reserve a private snowcat. They hold up to 12 people, and you’ll need a minimum of five to reserve a guided tour.

 At Catskiing Tours, we also have available any safety equipment that we think our experienced and trained guides may need to ensure that you only have a positive experience on your tour. This includes some medical supplies since the two guides we send with each snowcat full of people are certified EMTs in the event of any health emergencies on your tour.

 The Staff, Equipment, and Destinations You Need and Want

 Our team is trained and experienced at seeing to it that you and anyone with you have the time of your lives while on one of our cat skiing tours. We also have a mix of destinations that will keep the experience new and exciting for you no matter how many times you plan a tour with us.

 With over a dozen destinations to choose from, you’ll never get bored. We’ll have the equipment you need and trained guides to lead you all the way whether you’re cat skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Vail, Colorado or in Montana. There are many other U.S. destinations, but if you wish to expand even further, you can check out the cat skiing tours Canada has to offer. Revelstoke cat skiing in British Columbia provides an excellent experience for you if you want to try out some of the best cat skiing in Canada.

 Plan Your Next Cat Skiing Tour With Us

 Please contact us at your earliest convenience for a fun, safe and unforgettable cat skiing trip. For North America’s top cat skiing destinations in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado or Wyoming, we’ve got you covered. For skiing on the other side of the border, Revelstoke cat skiing in British Columbia will be an awesome experience. Please let us know which of our destinations you’d prefer, and we’ll arrange your tour as soon as possible.





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