When you have been working hard and need a recreational sports holiday away from the ordinary stresses of life, our team at Cat Skiing Tours has what you’re looking for. If you’re an intermediate or advanced skier, then you may be ready to explore some of the freshest powder and unique terrain there is in the backcountry of the United States and Canada. We take avid skiers like yourself cat skiing in sites throughout Colorado, which include cat skiing in Colorado East, cat skiing in Colorado North and showing you the best skiing terrain in Southern Colorado. If you’ve already tried these awesome sites there, then we can show you what Wyoming offers to quench your thirst for excitement. This includes cat skiing in Jackson Hole and cat skiing in Grand Targhee. Not to be outdone by these excellent states for outdoor fun, you can sign up for tours to show you the cat skiing Utah offers as well as go cat skiing in Washington and cat skiing in Oregon.

Cat Skiing Tours Canada

About the only tourist destinations in the U.S. that we didn’t mention above would be the experience of cat skiing in Montana. Of course, this state borders Canada where British Columbia has some amazing places for cat skiing. Our experienced tour guides would love to show you and any friends the cat skiing Whistler has in store for you, and we’d be remiss if we deprived you of the experience that Revelstoke gives cat skiers from around the world.

This town of under 15,000 people in British Columbia is blessed with about 600 inches of snow a year, and skiers don’t let it go to waste! Your Revelstoke tour experience will include comfortable lodge accommodations with Wi-Fi available. During this latest skiing season, tour participants have reveled in the atmosphere of fun and relaxation that the lodge provides in between hitting the slopes for some of the best skiing in North America.

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At Cat Skiing Tours, we take showing you and your friends a good time very seriously. Our experienced guides know the terrain where they guide you in addition to being trained EMTs if any problems come up. This means that when you go cat skiing in Grand Targhee or cat skiing in Jackson Hole, they’ll be familiar with the best slopes with the freshest powder and also the avalanche areas to avoid. This is equally true when taking you to our favorite Colorado locations as you go cat skiing in Colorado East, cat skiing in Colorado North or having a blast on the best skiing terrain in Southern Colorado. Don’t forget about the cat skiing Utah offers or to check out our packages to take you cat skiing in Oregon or cat skiing in Washington state when considering your destination.

If you like your skiing closer to the border, we have tours to take you cat skiing in Montana, or we’ll cross the border for the cat skiing tours Canada has available. Whether you want to check out Revelstoke in Canada or the cat skiing Whistler has in British Columbia, please contact us for tour availability and any additional information you need to start your skiing adventure as soon as possible.