Are you ready to take your time on the slopes to a new level? Skiing at popular resorts with hundreds of other skiers can be thrilling and fun, but this is not the only way to experience downhill action. Cat skiing is a unique variation that is suitable for advanced skiers who are looking for a challenge.

The Experience

Cat skiing enables you to get away from the crowded slopes and to feel exhilarated by the adrenaline rush of heading down slopes that are located off the beaten path. On a cat skiing adventure, you will travel in a snowcat to the backcountry in a small group. In fact, up to a dozen skiers may appreciate this type of skiing adventure at one time. You will be accompanied by expert-level tour guides who are intimately familiar with the terrain. They are also trained EMTs with special knowledge in the area of snow safety. These cat skiing tours are full-day experiences that enable you to enjoy up to 12 runs throughout the morning and afternoon.

The Locations

Cat skiing tours are available in some of the most beautiful areas throughout North America. This includes several locations in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, and it extends to Utah and Washington. The tours also are available north of the border in popular Canadian areas like Whistler, Revelstoke and several other beautiful ski spots in British Columbia. While these are well-known resort ski areas, the snowcat will take you to scenic backcountry locations that most skiers do not have the opportunity to visit.

Tour Inclusions

Your cat skiing tour can be booked individually or for a group. Regardless of the type of tour that you book, you can expect all aspects of your ski trip to be planned for you. Both single-day and multi-day experiences are available. Lodging nearby, as well as transportation in a snowcat to remote ski slopes, are provided. On the day of the ski experience, you will be treated to breakfast at the lodging site as well as lunch near the ski site in a heated yurt. Ski equipment and gear are available to rent, or you may bring your own.

Cat skiing is an experience unlike any other. It provides extensive challenges that are only suitable for the most advanced skiers. Cat skiing tours provide you with everything that you need to enjoy hassle-free backcountry skiing. Simply book your tour, and all of the bases will be covered for you.