At Cat Skiing Tours, we are your experts at helping you experience the most fun you’ll ever have in the snow. We organize tours at destinations throughout the United States including cat skiing in Grand Targhee, cat skiing in Jackson Hole and cat skiing in Oregon. If you ever get tired of these locales, then we can take you cat skiing in Colorado East, cat skiing in Washington state or show you the cat skiing Utah offers.

Cat Skiing Tours Canada

British Columbia is one of the favorite destinations of those who book tours with us. Cat Skiing Tours Canada destinations are extremely popular because the British Columbia area gets approximately 40 to 60 feet of snowfall a year! That’s a lot of fresh powder hitting an area known as the Powder Highway. This is a spot in the mountains that includes Nelson, Meadow Creek, Revelstoke and Golden.

When you embark on one of our tours, it’s an experience you’ll treasure for a long time. The January and February season this year was amazing. As you can imagine, the snowfall was plentiful, which created unending trails of untrod powder that you could be the first person to ski over. Your experience would begin at your lodge where you’d receive a rundown on safety, and then you’d be taken to the top of the runs by snowcat. Except for a lunch break, tour participants would have time to make several runs down pristine slopes between 8:30 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Whether you’re enjoying the best cat skiing Whistler has to offer in Canada or doing it in another location, we are your experienced cat skiing tour company that will help you get the most from it. At Cat Skiing Tours, all of our guides know the areas they conduct tours in very well. They’ll take you to the best spots from which to ski down slopes of fresh powder. When you’re ready to escape the crowds of the ski resorts, the cat skiing experience awaits.

Tours Throughout the U.S. and Canada

If you are a fairly advanced skier and looking for something that’s a step above a normal ski trip, we’ve got you covered. If you want variety in destinations, that’s what we offer. We can take you cat skiing in Washington or cat skiing in Oregon. Wyoming offers a couple of excellent spots for the opportunity to go cat skiing in Jackson Hole or cat skiing in Grand Targhee. Don’t forget the fun offered from cat skiing Utah slopes or cat skiing in Colorado East. When you feel even more adventurous, we can take you across the border to British Columbia for the best cat skiing Whistler has to offer.

This winter has provided many tour participants with hours of unforgettable fun. We hope you are looking forward to planning your next cat skiing tour with us. With knowledgeable tour guides who are also trained EMTs, we believe in bringing you on a safe and adventurous journey where you’ll meet like-minded people and build friendships to last a lifetime.